2018 Investor Presentation

Foreign Private Issuer Exemptions

As a foreign private issuer, we are permitted to follow certain Luxembourg corporate governance practices in lieu of certain listing rules of The Nasdaq Stock Market, or Nasdaq Listing Rules. We plan to follow the corporate governance requirements of the Nasdaq Listing Rules, except that we intend to follow Luxembourg practice with respect to quorum requirements for shareholder meetings in lieu of the requirement under Nasdaq Listing Rules that the quorum be not less than 33 1/3% of the outstanding voting shares.  Under our Articles of Association, at an ordinary general meeting, there is no quorum requirement and resolutions are adopted by a simple majority of validly cast votes.  In addition, under our Articles of Association, for any resolutions to be considered at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, the quorum shall be at least one half of our issued share capital unless otherwise mandatorily required by law.